Manage documents, share them securely

That is document management with Docyard.

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  • Central data room
  • Flexible data structures
  • Secure access
  • Easy file sharing
  • Access from any device

Structure any data

As a company that shares documents and data internally and with external partners, Docyard provides you with central access, structuring and sharing mechanisms. Data can be uploaded as files or structured within custom form templates to perferctly fit your specific needs.

Share large files

Large files and documents cannot be transfered via common communication mechanisms like eMail. Docyard provides you with easy sharing functionalities to give external partners secure access to internally uploaded documents. The size of the uploaded files does not matter.

Analyze data

Docyard not just makes structuring and sharing a breeze, it also enables companies to analyze uploaded data in multiple ways. As an example, form templates could be used to capture customer addresses and make those visible on a map.

Manage documents

Docyard allows to store documents, forms or any other arbitrary data in predefined folder hierarchies, making sure to enable businesses to manage all objects in a central and secure manner.

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Share folder content

Docyard particularly is an appropriate fit for companies that primarily work with external partners. The sharing functionality allows to publish internal documents easily and securely. You can choose to share entire folder structures or single documents. Docyard also tells you how often shared links have been clicked by the external party.

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Custom business objects with Form Templates

Form Templates allow you to model custom business objects. Those templates can be used to store and analyze any given data.

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Enterprise-grade user management

With Docyard you can assign your users to groups and roles to ensure that employees only can access documents and other business objects that they are permitted to.

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WebDav interface

For some scenarios the web frontend is not right for you and you want something that better integrates with your Operating System. For that, Docyard provides a WebDav interface which allows you to access files as they would be stored on your local machine.

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Secure data transfer

Docyard uses SSL to encrypt your data transfer. Even documents itself are being encrpyted to ensure your data is only accessible by privileged persons.

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Tagging and filtering

Docyard makes research and investigation a breeze. To any business object (document, folder or form) in Docyard tags can be assigned to enrich data with semantics and make search much easier.

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Document Viewer

Docyard comes with a comfortable document viewer that allows you to view PDF, Word and image files online without any other tool than your browser.

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Document Versions

Every single change of a document results in a new document version. This guarantees auditing acceptability and allows to view older versions later on.

Document Versions

Audit trails

Any activity in Docyard is being logged. That gives a step-by-step history, which can be used to trace changes and to provide examiners with comfortable control mechanisms.

Audit trails

Docyard from everywhere

When we started developing Docyard mobile friendliness has ever been one of our highest priorities. Therefore Docyard is also usable with smart phones and tablets without losing any functionality.

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Docyard on your machines

You can choose between two hosting options for your Docyard instances. One option is to use our infrastructure to get Docyard running (public domains including). Alternatively we set up Docyard on your provided servers in your network to make sure e.g. Docyard is not beeing accessible from the internet.

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Industries & use cases

Docyard for due diligence processes

Docyard is perfectly suited for all kinds of M&A processes. As the sell side you can structure all transaction related documents in specific folder hierarchies and grant secure access to interested parties.

All actions are being logged so that you always know which documents have been edited or accessed by which person.

If you want to make reports or other less confidential documents public, Docyard provides easy sharing functionality as well.

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